Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We were lucky with a fairly warm fall but now winter has set in.  You forget how cold you can get sitting at the barn watching the kids ride, hour after hour!  We have had some great lessons lately.  This week we had longe line lessons and worked on position.  It's amazing how many little things you find that you need to work on!  The kids all have homework assignments for next time and we're already seeing improvement. 

We decided that the Pony Club moms are overwhelmed so we brought in some expert help on our unmounted meetings.  Our older kids are in need of more information that we, and a few guest speakers a year, can give them so we have an A graduate coming in to give the unmounted each month.  This should really beef up our knowledge! 

Even though it's winter we have a busy schedule ahead of us.  We have plans to visit the Portland Racetrack for a tour, a weekend beach retreat, Quiz Rally is coming up sooner than we would think so we have to start our study groups for that.  Oh and riding in the cold, wet and dark....can't forget that! 

For now, we can enjoy the early Thanksgiving gift of snow and remember when we complained this summer that it was too hot.

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