Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's trying to be spring!

What a totally crazy day today!  We had planned to have an unmounted lesson to practice our bandaging and then ride in the outdoor arena.  The weather report was for some rain, but we're in Oregon, what do you expect?  If we let a little rain stop us we would never ride!  Well, it wasn't just a LITTLE rain!  Downpour, wind, more we just spent more time bandaging!  Our little ones got some great practice on what they need to know; bell boots, splint boots and then some hands on practice so they'll be experts later on.  Our C level kids got to wrap, wrap and wrap some more! 

So far this year we've had a very active group of kids.  Claire, Michelle and Clare all qualified to go to Championships in Lexington, KY this summer in Quiz.  Yippee!  It will be very exciting for them!  Maggie attended the annual conference in Nashville as a part of the National Youth Board.  Marshall headed to Palm Springs to compete as a member of the U.S. Men's World Cup Pentathlon Team.  We are proud of all our kids!

We don't have anyone competing in the regional Show Jumping rally next month, I think we're all a bit exhausted right now.  But, in May we will be at the Dressage Rally at Devonwood and then it will be summer and things will get so busy we'll wonder where the time went!

May spring find us all back in the saddle more!