Sunday, February 13, 2011

A busy new year!

Things are certainly busy for all our club members!  One would think that winter would be a time when we slow down and relax but not the members of MPPC.  Clare, Michelle, Madison and Claire are all busy studying for Quiz Rally.  All but Madison hope to qualify for Championships this year and if Madison were old enough she'd probably want to go to!  They get together to study and Claire makes the trip up north to study with her Sr. D team.  Maggie just returned from Nashville where she attended the Annual Conference as a member of the National Youth Board.  She represents Area 1 which is comprised of the Pony Clubs in the following regions; Oregon, NW, Inland Empire, Big Sky and Alaska.  She participates in a monthly phone conference with the board and is working on an inter-regional tetrathlon rally as her NYB project.  Tarra is busy with high school basketball as well as riding.  Marshall has probably the busiest schedule with high school swimming and training for the World Cup Pentathlon (fencing, swimming, running, shooting, show jumping) later this month.  MPPC is proud of all our kids! 

There will be no rest for us once spring starts.  First the show jumping rally, then the tet rally in the NW Region, then on to the dressage rally.  What could be more fun than kids and horses?