Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rating Day

Another day in the life of Pony Club DC!  I was out hauling jumps as the sun was trying to wake up and saw a bunny, a deer and heard an owl.  When I heard the owl I seriously thought I must be crazy to be out there but then again, what better way to start your day? 

The day started off cool and cloudy but the sun finally came out and it was a perfect day for riding.  It is the most wonderful feeling to see how far the kids have progressed in the past year.  It was hard to believe that the youngsters that weren't able to any xc at the beginning of summer were cantering through the woods with smiles on their faces, jumping logs and having fun!  The horses were all good citizens and behaved beautifully.

The day of the rating has a bit of everything; nerves, excitement, stress, fun, joy, and unfortunately it can also have disappointment.  We had candidates that reached their goal of rating up and those that did not. It's always so hard to see the disappointment but we try to remind them just how far they have come to even attempt the rating and of all the things they have accomplished.

It was definitely a Pony Club weekend with a rating on Saturday and mounted lesson on Sunday!  We've moved back to an indoor arena so that means that winter and the rains are on their way.  With a couple weeks of rain in September it seemed like the rain was here for good but we've had a reprieve and it was HOT a few days last week.  We're so lucky to have a barn to ride in for the winter!

Now to get ready for the annual Sponsor's Meeting, the paperwork of the membership renewal and the planning for another year in Mary's Peak Pony Club.

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